Monday, October 10, 2011

Does Higher Education Need To Offer Classes on Digital Literacy?

I stumbled upon an interesting article today called, Universities must rethink their approach to student digital literacy.  It is an interesting read and got me thinking.  How many, if any, high-school through higher education programs offer such classes?  You would think with the changing social media it would be an important and relevant topic to discuss and not something to shove aside or treat negatively.  Students need to understand what what they put online is there for the whole world to see.  If can effect their future job searches and opportunities.  Communication digitally vs. in person is very different.  Wouldn't it be nice to show them all the possibilities and how to communicate appropriately in a digital world.  Not only show them how but how to use that to their advantage to land their dream job or become a leader in their field of interest.

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